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Mosaic Pluck

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What's Included

What's included in Mosaic Pluck

Mosaic Pluck
  • Dynamic Plucked Sources cut through even the densest of score mixes
  • Creative ARP + Rhythmic Presets create gripping, cinematic moments for your score
  • Layer Analog Synth + Sampled Organic Instruments to build unique hybrid sounds and textures
  • Includes over 120 Inspiring Presets expertly-crafted by the Heavyocity team
Instrument Details

New Sources of Inspiration

Mosaic Pluck Overview


The Mosaic Series was conceived to keep composers creative: Each virtual instrument features a unique set of foundational elements, designed to be combined and layered into lush, cinematic textures. Mosaic Pluck is an analog synth pluck VST plugin that continues the mission of Mosaic, delivering a signature palette of sounds built entirely around what we find inspiring about organic & synthetic plucked sources.
Re-envisioning Plucks

Re-envisioning Plucks

Combining analog synth, organic attack layers, and a range of sampled instruments (including plucked strings, harps, processed chimes, and thumb pianos), Mosaic Pluck is a synth VST plugin that delivers all the dynamic plucked sources you’ll need to cut through even the densest of score mixes. Plucks have the unique ability of infusing a scene with instant tension and drastic mood shifts, and Mosaic Pluck is your essential toolkit for elevating conventional plucked timbres into gripping, cinematic moments.
Mosaic Engine

Mosaic Engine

Mosaic Pluck is a truly unique hybrid instrument, but the real power comes in the thrilling combinations created by layering its sources across the Mosaic Engine’s three channels. Rhythmic, lyrical, sparse, emotional, dynamic. The possibilities are truly endless -- especially considering Mosaic Pluck contains over 120 expertly-crafted Snapshots to get you started.

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