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Introducing UNCHARTED 88

Unearth this new breed of deeply sampled and mysteriously edgy organic percussion that will get inside your head. This is a new chapter of the Heavyocity DAMAGE journey that reminds us all why the piano is truly a percussive instrument. With over 500 sources housed in the notable Damage 2 engine, UNCHARTED 88 delivers a powerful collection of unnerving percussive hits and loops like never before. Much like Damage 2, all of the content in UNCHARTED 88 works in three distinct instruments (Ensemble Designer, Loop Designer, and Kit Designer), each providing a uniquely inspiring and customizable workflow.

Chock-full of over 18,600 samples and 11 GB of profoundly deep and evocative percussion sounds, UNCHARTED 88 will push your sonic palette into UNCHARTED territory. The Heavyocity team dismantled and reduced the original DAMAGE piano down to its rawest, most intimate-sounding sources. By utilizing its inner components (the strings, the iron, and the wood), the team captured prepared performances (using hammers, rocket rods, coins, and picks), and combined them with their signature DAMAGE sound design — offering a dramatically different take on what you might expect from a percussion library, yet fully capable of laying the groundwork for today’s cinematic hybrid scores.

And for a limited time, Heavyocity is offering UNCHARTED 88 for $119 (reg. $149). Offer ends on March 3, 2023.

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