Though best known for his work with guitarist and general virtuoso, Steve Vai, Philip Bynoe has built an esteemed career as a multi-genre session and touring bass player, producer, composer, and children’s music artist. His credits, beyond his 25+ years playing with Vai, include work with Kevin Eubanks and Steve Perry, three Grammy nominations, an Emmy for his playing on the “Reefer Madness” remake, and as a composer on the film “The Guardian,” to be released later this year.


Also, he can do this:


Here’s what Philip had to say about his HY instruments:

“I’ve been using Heavyocity virtual instruments since they first hit the scene.They are a go-to for use in all styles of writing and recording. For my kid’s music project, PB & Deb, it’s always fun to find just the right sound to bring a smile to a child. And for film work, many of the rhythm patterns really help set whatever mood or action I’m looking for. Because the catalogue is so big, when you need to find the right sound quickly, the categories in each instrument are so helpful.
The latest short film I scored, “The Guardian,” will be released this year. And with PB & Deb, we just released our fifth album in 2020. I used Heavyocity instruments on both of these projects. If you’re a creative professional or just someone who writes for your own pleasure, Heavyocity will be a great addition to your studio set-up … and the sounds will keep working night and day.”

Products Used

  • AEON Collection

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    Inspiration Redefined A Ground-Breaking New Collection

    From lyrical and expressive to dark and aggressive, this unique collection delivers 27 GB of organic and synth melodic instruments, cutting-edge loops, arpeggiated instruments, and epic One-Shots. AEON combines traditional, ethnic, and orchestral instruments with searing synths and edgy samples, all created with Heavyocity's signature quality.

  • DM-307

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    Modern Groove Design Stylized Production-Ready Beats

    Redefine your grooves with an innovative collection of modular synth drums, live percussion, and processed classic analog drum machines. With more than 3,600 unique sounds and loops housed in 1500 presets, DM-307 introduces inspiring ways to quickly and easily create jaw-dropping beats in a variety of styles.

  • Damage

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    Breathtaking Percussion With a Tense, Epic Edge

    Damage gives you 30 GB (16GB on disk) of drama, fusing industrial sounds and orchestral drums into a devastating electro-acoustic barrage. Powered by the Kontakt 5 (Kontakt 5 Player) engine, Percussive Kits provide more than 200 deeply sampled percussion sources, and over 500 single-shot elements, recorded in up to seven velocity layers and with up to nine round-robins per drum.

  • Evolve

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    Award-Winning Library With Legendary Cinematic Sound

    Powered by the Kontakt 5 (Kontakt 5 Player) engine, with a vast selection of sounds ranging from rhythmic loop suites, percussive kits, and tonal instruments to stings, transitions and musical FX, EVOLVE is packed full of production-ready punch – the definitive standard for composers and sound designers looking for legendary cinematic sound.


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